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Melancholy Beauty

Asif Khan Pathan First Year, Second Semester The last was melancholy beauty, That twilight was mum. With a wonder the red aura sun looked on. Coldish breeze may've taken...

Wrong Road

H. M. Fayequzzaman Fahad First Year, Second Semester Once when I was sitting beside life It gave me a choice. I denied. I was told by the tide "Someday I'll...


Koushika Nasrin Second Year, Second Semester Is being in love so delightful? Some say, yes, Some say, no. Some say love is unscriptural, Some say it’s inevitable. Albeit the color of...

Isolated Soul

Owabil Islam Sakib Second Year, Second Semester When life sucks us, there is no way, Then world seems like a chaotic play. I died a long time ago...

Celestial Death

Sumaiya Binth Alam ...

Spring of the Heart

Tanzeela Haque Third Year, First Semester Hold your nerve tight to experience the most adventurous roller coaster ride termed life, You may need to face so many...

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