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Wonderful China Trip

The words of Marshall Goldsmith: “What got you here won't get you there” was what I recall chanting while about to enter into one...

Conversation Program with Rural High School Students

Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB) is an organisation which works towards promoting the English language skills of students with the help of voluntary students...

In 2030s

Even when we want to quitWe will hold our groundWon’t back downEven when we are beaten down, time and time again,We will raise our...

When Rose took her last breath

When Rose took her last breath, I was sleeping in flowery bedIt’s a moment I wanted to seeBut I couldn’t hear her last wordLots...

Outside the Door

Birds, rain have no fascination for me,Contrarily I become faint.Rain is boring to me,Here, I am dying in it.Rainfall is not cool to me,I...

Mr. Depression & Ms. Anxiety

I remember being normalFull of life and cheerful Now it’s a memory far-flungSince the day you came along Your knock made my heart beat profoundlyNot the...

Beyond The Scene (BTS)

It happened while I was hoping for my semester break to arrive. I was eagerly waiting for my exams to be over. Finally, I...

Annual Picnic 2019

The Department of English of UAP went on its Annual Picnic to Dhaka Resort, a beautiful, serene picnic spot at Gazipur on February 03,...

The Last of the Romantics

I've felt the daffodils, danced along with themHand in hand with Wordsworth and all his anthem. Sailed with Coleridge and his ancient Mariner,Turned my anger...

Dancing with the Daffodils

Ladies usually receive flowers from many admirers but unfortunately, I never had any admirer from whom to receive flowers. However, I have been fortunate...

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