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In 2030s

Even when we want to quitWe will hold our groundWon’t back downEven when we are beaten down, time and time again,We will...

When Rose took her last breath

When Rose took her last breath, I was sleeping in flowery bedIt’s a moment I wanted to seeBut I couldn’t hear her...

Outside the Door

Birds, rain have no fascination for me,Contrarily I become faint.Rain is boring to me,Here, I am dying in it.Rainfall is not cool...

The Last of the Romantics

I've felt the daffodils, danced along with themHand in hand with Wordsworth and all his anthem. Sailed with Coleridge...

Mr. Depression & Ms. Anxiety

I remember being normalFull of life and cheerful Now it’s a memory far-flungSince the day you came along

Who Am I?

                   Once, the first blinking                   of the Sun kissed me. The craving                   Crows sang their cruel crusty songs,                 The fallen leaves still...

A Tale of Discord

I wish to go Right but my mind says, “NO”There’s a way called Left and she whispers, “GO” Something...

The Submission

I have made my love essential for thee.It will be expanded like the waves of the endless sea,Let it be funded freshly...

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