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Remembering Alauddin

I don’t remember exactly when I first saw him. He was probably a student of our second batch back in 2011. Alauddin...


Once upon a time there was a perfectly good, happy, young kid. He always listened to his mother, did his homework in...

My Dream University

Education is one of the fundamental sources from which people acquire the knowledge and skills they require to sustain a prosperous life....

Bringing Back Memories

Last year I went to my village for passing the holidays. I was walking beside my primary school and I was watching...

Wonderful China Trip

The words of Marshall Goldsmith: “What got you here won't get you there” was what I recall chanting while about to enter...

English Department & My Thoughts

There are many subjects in our university. Among them English is a very important subject. Its importance is not less than any...

Beyond The Scene (BTS)

It happened while I was hoping for my semester break to arrive. I was eagerly waiting for my exams to be over....

Dancing with the Daffodils

Ladies usually receive flowers from many admirers but unfortunately, I never had any admirer from whom to receive flowers. However, I have...

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