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                        Julkifal Rahman ID no: 21216097 After walking for about half an hour, Tanim found a crowded bus. Seeing the delay and thinking there was no way,...

Love Concealed

Sanjida Yesmin Monisha ID no: 21216029 For the first time in her life, Ana wept out in the middle of the night. Oh, how heartbroken she...

Dreams Come True              

Tahmina Akter                   ID no: 21216078 Suddenly Lora woke up from sleep. She remained on the bed for a moment. Then she went to the washroom and...


Sadia Afroz ID no: 21216082 In Hazaribagh, the not –so- favored suburb of Dhaka stood the proud house of Taiyeb Rahman, the Tajmahal. Built with years...


Rufaida Rahman ID no: 21216081 It is the month of December. A frigid Friday morning. The mist is floating like smoke and everything seems obscure outside....

The Time is Now

Tasmiah Aktar Lecturer, Department of English “Much rather would she have been one of those people like Richard who did things for themselves, whereas, she thought,...

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