The Department of English, UAP launched a bi-annual magazine, Reflections on October 8, 2020. The online platform, Google Meet was used for the online ceremony. Air Cdre (Retd.) Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury, Vice-Chancellor (Acting) of UAP was present as the Chief Guest on the occasion and launched the website.

The event promptly started at 8:00 pm and after a quick speech by the Chief Guest, the website was revealed for everyone to see. This issue of the magazine published writings on recent events, prose and poetry. Photos of different events were also exhibited on the website.

Publication of Reflections got delayed due to the pandemic lock-down. So instead of a physical magazine, an online magazine was launched. The magazine showcases literary works by the students and faculty members of the department.

Following is the Editor’s welcome to everyone:


Honorable Acting Vice Chancellor Air Cdre (Retd.) Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury, respected Heads of Departments, Guests, Faculty members and our students;

A very good evening to everyone. I welcome all of you to this special event of launching the website of our English Department magazine Reflections. I would like to start my welcome address remembering our late Vice Chancellor Professor Jamilur Reza Choudhury. It was in consultation with him that we had undertaken this journey. Now as we have completed the first leg of our journey Professor Jamilur Reza Choudhury is no longer with us. I would like to send our deepest respects, gratitude and prayers to him wherever he is.

Our Acting Vice Chancellor Air Cdre (Retd.) Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury, has been kind enough to join us as Chief Guest and has agreed to launch the magazine website. We would like to thank him for this kind gesture.

The main objective of starting a magazine of the English Department was to give our students and faculty members an opportunity and a platform to express and share their creative thoughts. When studying literature, it is imperative that students get into the habit of creative writing. We hope this will encourage them and they will work on to make this a successful ongoing journey. I can assure our students that their creative works will get a place in Reflections. Our process of editing is not very strict. No content or thematic changes are done so students can feel free to express their thoughts here.

I would like to extend a special thanks to our Head, Ms. Arjumand Ara, for giving me the responsibility of publishing a departmental magazine. I also need to thank my editorial team. A special thanks to Saad for setting up the online portal of Reflections. Prattay, thank you for the countless, untiring hours you have put in, to make this online version possible. I would also like to thank Keya, Arpita and Dibbo for their diligence and sincerity.

A big thanks to all guests and faculty members for being here today despite their busy schedule. We are all aware that this online mode of life is making us put in almost 12 hours of office work if not more. I am grateful to everyone for their time.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to all who have contributed to this first issue. Without these contributions Reflections would not have materialized.Thank you contributors and students. We look forward to publishing many more works done by you which will make Reflections a success.

My best wishes to everyone.”