Many of our memories will fade,
Countless lights and darkness will come.
Voids of life are impossible to mend,
’Cause life is an ever-changing sum.

Only friends remain true to each other,
Just like our own sister and brother.
It’s natural the way we bond,
As no fish can survive without a pond.

Supporting each other is our aim,
It’s like the shining sun that smiles after rain.
They are enough to remove all my pain,
No obstacle can break this chain.

Friends mean boundless happiness in eyes,
Like a colorful rainbow in a cloudy sky.
There will be laughter and tears in life,
Still our friendship will be sharp as a knife.

No diamond is precious in the presence of my friend,
This brotherhood has a beginning but no end.
Nothing can separate us except death,
Friendship will continue till the final breath.

There is a pull of the soul,
If anyone gives up-
It will miss its goal.
And the friendship will be corrupt

So, bury the sorrows of past,
And let this friendship last forever.
True amity is based on trust, 
Which fades never.