Long time I had searched for gold eyes.
Grace of nature attracts me like profundity.
Sometimes my oblivion dozes as an admirable newborn.

In the fullness of time, I initiate which I search for.
Carefree sovereign soul finds heaven in planet.
Entrance of nature she lays hold of fragrance and feels traveling day long.
Cloud flattering in lake, breeze flattering her.

She observes beauty in the dew drops on the grass and in the water.
Occasionally, birds call to her to wing far and wide with them,
From time to time, broken twinkle comes to her to shake.
Nobody has the power to cease her.

When the whispering house lighted with angel,
Thoughts altered into dreams.
Through a small window in the middle of the room,
She imagines to have initiated all the happiness in the planet.

Nobody can cease an unconventional soul.
Like the dream of Venesia,
To flutter one day like an unconfined bird.