Yesterday, I saw him again.
Wearing an alluring grin
He was grinding some fine coffee beans
Oh, my inamorato!
He was looking dashing,
Like an imperial young man,

He is like the diamond that glints on snow,
He is the soft breeze that has a gentle blow,
He is the fiery mid-summer day,
He is the appealing rain that makes me insane,
He has filled my heart with colors,
Suddenly, all my sorrows are gone from my head.

I am chirping like birds,
Shimmying like nuts,
And becoming a beautiful colleen from teen.
Oh, my love!
Grab my fingers
Hold them tight
That they never drop their denseness,
Whatever the circumstances are,
I believe the pair of us will be
Allusive of that no one had before.

Now my love, you become my all,
I shall try my best to glint you up,
I shall give you all the glee of my breath.

If you hold my hands,
We will keep greeting each other every morn and night,
We will be fostering each other in every realm of life,
We will be each other’s shadow mate,
We will pass away like the cloudburst,
And will go to Eden hands in hands.

So oh, my star!
Just hold my hands,
So that our sacred love can tract its chastity
In this cosmos forever, and over and over again.