Life, a boat without oar.
To me it was a war.
A Sudden blink of light,
Ah! The God shines.
Wandering in the mind,
What a brightness it is!
Soul gains ultimate peace.
Oh! You are the gleam.
Who are you? Asks my mind.
Wind whispers in ears,
The aim of life,
The breath of life.
Fear rises in myself,
How to describe thy beauty?
Hundred years are not enough for thee.
Long and dark the hair is
Night says, “I lost to you my highness”.
Ocean says, “eyes are mysterious”,
As the depth is serious.
Brave Moon declares,
Thy face is the source of universe.
What beauty there in you?
Nature says, “queen of beauty is you'”.
Sun stops to glow,
You defeat him with a blow
How holy thy soul is!
That I can’t imagine.
Lord says, “the best ever creation it is”.
Who ask what survives?
Angels say thy beauty it is.
Time will not eat your beauty,
It has gained eternity.
How could you come close to mine?
Nothing but dust you will find.
Shattered I am and shattered will be.
Pure you are and pure will be.
You, one leg of the compass and I another.
Want to live together.
But will it happen I wonder.
Lord says, ” Are you worthy enough to be with her?”
I reply, “The divine moment will come and
the answer will appear”.