We all know that there are six seasons in Bangladesh and autumn is one of them. Autumn is a very beautiful season that comes in our country after scorching heat of summer and non-stop rain of the rainy-season. Two Bengali months ‘Vadro’ and ‘Ashwin’ form the autumn. It is the third season of Bangladesh which I like the most. September and October are the months of this season.

In this mild season, the sky remains very clear. It also rains, but not so acute. The season autumn welcomes a bright blue sky, green fields and golden harvest. The days are shorter and so there is less sunlight. Though the sky remains blue, sometimes the sky keeps changing its color. The weather also begins to change and gets colder. Many plants stop making food in this season. Furthermore, momentary trees shade their leaves. Autumn is the time when the leaves change their color before falling. They change from green to orange, red, yellow or brown and then fall. During autumn, catkins are seen along the river which signifies the special presence of autumn. I really like catkins.

In Bangladesh, autumn means smiling ‘Hasnahena’ flowers in the trees and the water lilies in the beels. Autumn means ripe palm trees. The cake and the ‘Payes’ made with palm are special features of autumn. ‘Aman’ paddy seedlings grow in the fields during this cloudy season.

I think, rivers show fall foliage so that we can enjoy visiting rivers during this time. We can say that, autumn is a great season to visit the rivers. The gentle breeze on the river banks fills the mind. Rivers and stream valleys are always ablaze with beautiful fall colors which are breezy and bright around the world.  During autumn, days remain warm and sunny. On the contrary, the weather of nights remains cool.

At last we can say that, in Bangladesh, different seasons take on different forms, but autumn takes on a slightly clearer form which always takes my mind away. So, if anyone asks me to draw a picture of a season which I like the most, I will definitely draw a picture of autumn.