“Hurry up, Adelyn! We are running out of time.” “Just hold for a moment, Stacy!” Adelyn and Stacy are two bosom friends as well as neighbors who are now all set to enjoy their winter vacation. Since childhood, Adelyn and Stacy are very introverted and shy.These similarities hold a significant role as the base of their friendship. Recently, they have started learning skating as they both yearned to learn so for a long period.“Is everything all right?” Stacy asked. “Seems well so far!”, Adelyn replied. Breezy-freezy wintery weather is such a cheerful bliss to cherish for those who thirst for the appealing entity of mother nature. Dried leaves add a touch of melancholy and a sense of aging with the whirlpool of time. Everything starts seeming intensely calm and remarkably cheerful.“Be careful with the passers-by!”, Stacy warned. “Don’t get tense. I will keep that in mind”, Adelyn replied.

The neighborhood playground is not that spacious but quite manageable for skating until or unless someone is frumpish about their moves. Every afternoon this place becomes a mundane-heaven in the presence of children as their innocence turns everything lively. “Watch out, Stacy!”, Adelyn shouted.A small child like a bolt from the blue suddenly appears in front of Stacy and bumps into her. She somehow manages to prevent herself from falling over that small child. Fortunately, the child seems in apparently good condition except for a slight scratch on his knees. “Is everything all right?”, Adelyn asks both of them.“How inhuman and incautious a creature you are!” sounds distinct.The voice belongs to the mother of the child who rushes to the spot. Her face dictates her concern for her beloved child. She starts yelling and attacking the girls with harsh and inappropriate words as she is not in her sense. People are stunned and looking at themselves as they hear her nasty and disgusting words. Stacy looked at Adelyn with a look of apology.                                                                      

Adelyn says, “Don’t worry! “Both girls start feeling so helpless and ashamed as they are unable to fortify each other. They are in such a dilemma by thinking of their incapability as well as by anticipating one another’s state of mind.All of a sudden, a puff of wind starts blowing and leaves start falling briskly like rebellious words of poets. It seems like mother nature is raging and trying her best to safeguard the girls from chides. She keeps shouting unless her child utters,

“It’s my fault, Mommy. I ran after Bailey (his pet puppy) without checking left or right.”

“Why haven’t you told me that earlier?”, the mother astonishingly says. “Sorry Mommy!”, the boy replies.

“For God’s sake say something. Why aren’t you girls saying something?” the mother asks.“They can’t defend themselves. Pardon them if possible!” sounds distinct.                             

It is their skating guide Mr. Woodstone who explains to everyone how these girls need special care. Adelyn is born dumb and Stacy has Tourette syndrome. Earlier, Stacy has been brutally mocked by some ill-mannered kids for her unfamiliar way of speaking and from that day she fears to speak up in public. These girls manage to maintain a healthy understanding among themselves by using sign language for their different traits.                                                                            

“How pathetic and rude I was!”, the mother sighs.                                                           

Sullen silence grasps forthwith over-there and a ray of smile peeped through the girl’s face on the spur of the moment. Therefore, their dilemma turns into a delight as they understand that at least their incapability prevents them from being so quarrelsome.