The word ‘depression’ is quite familiar to the people of this generation. This term is related to mental health and yes, it’s absolutely not a positive word.

In our everyday life, we have to go through some situations. It is not necessary that they are problematic. But we are human beings. We can think, we can feel, we can break, and we can heal. Overall we can be depressed and we have no control over it.

Depression is like a prison and it has ruined so many lives. A person, who laughs the most, can be seen crying the most. Some get silent and can’t scream in front of people because they have fear inside them – ‘What will people say? ‘To seem normal the next day, they scream inside, cry alone and we can not blame them because they are not responsible for it.

Let’s not talk about the people who choose the wrong path and take wrong steps. They think that there is no reason to live. If they die today, people will forget them tomorrow. So there is no point in doing such things.

There are so many people around us. Most of them speak before they think.

These people will categorize you as a weak person and this time they areright because thatwrong step you’ve taken is nothing but a silly decision and they have enough valid reasons. Such as you didn’t prove yourself, you didn’t show your ability or your dormant talent and you gave up.

Now let’s talk about the ‘warriors’. They are different than other warriors because they don’t fight with any kind of weapons. Their battle is not on the field full of sand. But they do fight. They are also on a mission. They fight with the society, fight with adversity and fight with themselves. They fight everyday and keep fighting and aren’t ready to give up. They create their own bubble and discover a new isolated world. These people are the strongest human beings.

 Depression has taught them to defy all the obstacles and prepare themselves for the worse. They are industrious and self-dependent .Their life isn’t easy either but they try to make it optimal. 

‘Today’s struggle can be tomorrow’s medal’.

These warriors think about two things the most-family and career. They don’t want to be a burden. Therefore,they work hard to take the responsibility. Their one and only mission is that whatever they are gaining or achieving is for their parents ,their family and they get strength from it. This is how they run their battle.

They are the fighters, they are the warriors.