Sumaiya Binth Alam

Second Year, Second Semester

For God’s sake, just leave us alone,
You wretched Death!
Why do you have to take our loved ones always this far away?
You snatch away lives, you make people suffer, you make all scared of you,
Don’t you feel mean? Don’t you feel cursed?
Suddenly, I heard someone laughing loudly.
The sound of this laughter made me nuts.
I cried out, “Who’s there?”
Pin drop silence, no response,
Again said I, “Who’s there?”
I heard some deep sighs and someone started speaking,
“I am a beautiful lie. I am life. People who think death is disastrous
Are the fools.”
The savage sentences attacked me but made me realize the fact that,
We live to die,
And death is the most important part of life.

Life is now asking me,
“Are you ready to die?”
I am not, I am weeping.
Life says, “Don’t cry, and let me give you some advice,
Worldly possessions won’t give you any comfort in the grave, rather,
What you’ve earned by dedicating yourself to the Almighty,
By keeping yourself away from detrimental deeds,
That is what will be calculated.
When you are all ready to leave and death finally knocks at the door,
Tell it,
Thank you for stopping by.”

I feel less burdened now,
I get some hope now; highly grateful I am towards life.