Rudhin Rinvi Mozid                                                    

First Year, Second Semester


Nowadays, bullying is a major problem yet not discussed enough in our society. Bullying is an ongoing and willful misuse of power through repeated physical, verbal or social behavior which intends to cause either physical or psychological harm and sometimes, both. It can happen in schools, family gatherings or even on online platforms, categorized as “Cyber bullying”.

There are many types of bullying that can be experienced by children and adults. Verbal bullying like insults, teasing, racist remarks can start off harmlessly, but it reaches to a level of intolerance by degrees.

Sometimes we pass racist and mean comments on a person based on his appearance, skin color or body shape, which can devastate that person’s psychological orientation, and make him feel miserable. We do not understand the negative impacts of it until it backfires on us or our family members.

Many people just ignore the fact that, bullying also happens on people with remarkable attributes. One fine example can be seen during this pandemic, when online classes are held all over our country. Many esteemed senior teachers in our country were not well aware of the use of the technologies to conduct online classes. They had to learn and familiarize themselves with these technologies to keep the education system running. However, there were times when they were unable to use these devices properly. Hence, they were made fun of by their students, which is very disrespectful. The students do not even realize that this could happen to their fathers, too. This means that even the respected people in our society can be victims of bullying.

Bullying is a terrible thing that can take a person’s life as well. A recent incident (July 8, 2021) in Dhaka shows that, a boy named Samin was constantly bullied in his school for his obesity. His friends even his teachers body-shamed him. For this incident, he experienced inferiority complex, started dieting, overdid it and ultimately died due to Anorexia Nervosa, a severe malnutrition scenario.

Do we ever wonder what kind of society we live in and what kind of mindset we are growing up with?

Let us be kind to everyone. There is no credit in humiliating others. Let us learn to live beautifully with everyone. We all have the right to live. Being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice we all should go for.