Owabil Islam Sakib

Second Year, Second Semester

When life sucks us, there is no way,

Then world seems like a chaotic play.

I died a long time ago in the fire of despair,

This pain of loneliness is difficult to bear.

I sleep alone, eat alone, cry alone in the dark,

Now I want a flame, I want a spark.

No one holds my hand and says “How are you?”

No one wants to know the reason for my tears.

No one asks me why I am alone.

Everyone just knows how to have fun, no one asks why I am alone.

Suddenly, I woke up screaming in fear,

It’s like a dream, silent and blurred.

Everyone can just have fun, no one cares,

Steps of life is now stairs.

So, I love myself now, I have become my own companion.

That’s why I float alone, fly alone, cry alone, burn alone in the fire.