1. Arjumand Ara, Assistant Professor of the Department of English, presented a paper titled “Developing ESL Textbook Evaluation Checklist for the Tertiary Level Students of Bangladesh” at the international conference The Philosophy of Language, Literature and Linguistics (ICPL, 2021) held from 24-25 September, 2021. The conference was jointly organized by the University of Khazar, Kazakhstan and Englishers LLL International. Scholars form different countries participated in the conference which was held both online and in-person.

A glimpse of Ms. Arjumand Ara presenting her paper in the international conference

2. At the Multidisciplinary Conference on English Language, Linguistics and Literature (MCELLL, 2021), Arjumand Ara presented a paper titled “The Role of Pre-teaching Vocabulary in Receptive Skill-based Lessons”. The two-day-long hybrid conference started on November 26, 2021.

A glimpse of the Multidisciplinary Conference on English Language

Arjumand Ara, Assistant Professor, the Department of English, UAP, also chaired one of the sessions in this conference. The international conference was organized by Mir Chakar Khan Rind University, Sibi, Pakistan in collaboration with Englishers LLL International. Academics from a number of renowned universities participated in the event.