Tanzeela Haque

Third Year, First Semester

Hold your nerve tight to experience the most adventurous roller coaster ride termed life,

You may need to face so many ups and downs by this time without being fragile.

Brush aside the world’s demoralizing opinion and focus on your heart and also mind,

Such practice is befitting as long as you are not disintegrating any laws.

The human heart is a hoard of emotions ornamented with splendid colors and rhythms,

Wary and amiable storing the essence of our unspoken and unwritten exotic thoughts.

Very much like the enchantingly flamboyant and notably exquisite season named Spring,

The heart substantially causes a stir and tends to carry a lot of sentimental strings.

Days may not always be in your favor as you may not ceaselessly get the positive vibe,

Yet you need to possess vigorous endurance so that you can be on cloud nine.

Bullies may pass adverse remarks but you need to stand steady and resistant,

So that none can dare to crack the glasshouse named heart fostered in the chest.

Spring always brings a comparatively gleeful and picturesque vista of nature,

Concurrently the heart seems to fluctuate its pace to synthesize our mood’s texture.

Always try to be full of the joys of spring for the sake of complacency,

Don’t pay heed to negativity and let the faultfinder be green with envy.

Mesmerizing grace of spring surely spellbinds us with a tireless delight,

Precisely it assembles with the fascinating and incomparable motion of the heartbeat.

Henceforward, I would like to entitle the entire incident that ripples with excitement,

Doubtlessly and pleasingly from my frame of reference as the Spring of the heart!