H. M. Fayequzzaman Fahad

First Year, Second Semester

Once when I was sitting beside life

It gave me a choice.

I denied.

I was told by the tide

“Someday I’ll take everything from you.”

Then life came to me,

Said, “don’t bother to live.

The harshness, the sorrow

Pass them onto me.

It’s too hard to carry.”

I denied.

I was told by the sun,

“You’ll be burning someday”

Then life came to me

Asked me to leave,

Asked me not to breathe,

I knew

It won’t be so easy.

But I denied. 

I denied my life,

I denied my destiny.

Then it gave me a chance to live,

Showed me the path to go

Yet, here I have

Ended up in a wrong road.