Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB) is an organisation which works towards promoting the English language skills of students with the help of voluntary students who are good in English through mobile phone conversations. In July, 2019 a workshop was arranged by   Dr. Jasimuz Zaman, country director of Volunteers Association for Bangladesh ( VAB) along with UAP students. The workshop was about a project where University students were asked to have conversations in English through phone calls with the rural high school students so that rural high school students could improve their skills in English. It was totally voluntary and only the students who were interested to volunteer registered for the project by which they agreed to give their time to help the rural high school students and practice spoken English over the phone.

As a confirmation, all the volunteers received an email from VAB containing a name chart with contact information where each volunteer was assigned for a high school student in rural area. The volunteers were given 15 topics that they should talk about with their students and were told to have a conversation twice a week. Basically the volunteers’ assigned time was minimum 200 minutes which they had to finish within 8 weeks. The project started on 1 August 2019 and finished on 30 October, 2019.  After finishing the task every volunteer was told to share their experience and write a short report on their students’ progress. Later, 12 volunteers completed their task and they were awarded certificates of appreciation by the former Vice Chancellor of UAP, Honourable Professor (Late) Jamilur Reza Choudhury and Dr. Jasimuz Zaman, country director of VAB.

The purpose of the program was to ensure that the rural high school students who are eager to learn but do not have the opportunities may have a alternative way to learn. The volunteers are just a medium here to help and mentor the rural high school students by practicing with them. Though the journey was not as smooth as it seemed rather it was quite difficult to stay connected as the network of village side is not that strong, the volunteers and the students tried their best to utilise the time and chance. It was a great program for both the volunteers and the high school students indeed.