At the onset of Reflections we would like to remember Professor Jamilur Reza Choudhury (Nov, 1942 – April, 2020) with deep respect and sorrow. We remember him as JRC, as he was referred to by friends, colleagues, seniors and juniors. He was the Vice Chancellor of UAP from 2010 till his sudden demise in April 2020. Leading UAP to a level of academic excellence was one among his numerous contributions and achievements at the national and international level. It was in consultation with him that the English department had decided to publish a magazine which would be a mouthpiece of the faculty and students alike.

My entry into the UAP academic family took place through a selection committee headed by JRC. I had the privilege of knowing him for less than a year and the few occasions when I talked to him I could not say much because of the awe and respect with which I regarded him. I will not try to recount the achievements of JRC as this is too huge a task to be done by me. I can only say that in JRC we found the superb blending of intellectual, human and humane qualities. He was a tower of strength for the UAP family and at the same time a gentle, kind, soft spoken guide and mentor of the people who worked with him. We shall always remain grateful to him for his patient, unfailing leadership and guidance.

JRC’s departure from this world is an irreparable loss not only for our university but also for the whole country. We remember him with great sorrow and with a certain fondness too. Regret at losing him will always be there but we can move forward with the knowledge of having had the privilege of knowing him.

May you rest in peace, Sir.

The Editor