It is indeed a happy moment for our Department of English as we have been able to bring out the first issue of the magazine Reflections even in this pandemic situation thanks to technology. Epictetus wrote centuries ago, “If you wish to be a writer, write.” I believe the magazine will give the students the platform to write, to express their creativity and to recount the events from the past that deserve to be penned down. I firmly believe that our students have enough talent and ideas to produce writings that are worth reading and sharing. Their contributions to the magazine will be both their learning experience and achievement given the fact that their submissions have been through a rigorous editorial process.

I also want to congratulate the faculty members who have contributed. I express my thanks to the Editor and the magazine committee and acknowledge their efforts in bringing out this magazine, especially in the digital form which is new to all of us. I wish them all the very best for releasing more volumes of this magazine in future.

Ms Arjumand Ara
Head of the Department
Department of English