I wish to go Right but my mind says, “NO”
There’s a way called Left and she whispers, “GO”

Something isn’t right, what if anything goes wrong?
Then I heard someone talking inside 
Who calmly said, “BE STRONG

Got a bit scared hearing this voice
Who might it be?
The voice said, “I am your conscience
Something’s amiss, I see!”

Now I saw the road where
I knew I had to decide,
But I felt the pressure that moved like a thresher
As a storm was forming inside.

Things got crazy and I felt so dizzy while
My conscience seemed so steady
I sensed my mind nowhere now
Guess it’s left me already!

I am with my conscience now 
Who tells me to have inner peace,
“Let off the steam now,
The stresses need to be released.”

So, I listened
I did the same and
My inner conflict came to an end
I happily chose the right path,
My conscience became my friend.

But my mind is not my foe, you folks,
Do not be misguided by this,
I know she will return soon
And I will make my peace.

Iffat Jahan Suchona
Department of English