Once, the first blinking
                   of the Sun kissed me. The craving
                   Crows sang their cruel crusty songs,
                 The fallen leaves still made a storm in
                  My ears.     The green forest drenched
                      In greyness, but still hope for spring
                                         The heartless earth loved
                                                      Me from the core
                                                          Of his heart. A
                                                          Craving   Crow
                                                        Sang his crusty
                                                     Song. Someone
                                                   Whispered, ‘Is
                                                  a human child
                                             On this galling
                                        Ground?’ Yes
                                     Yes, I was a
                                 Human child.
                              I Am a Human.
                             But still, I want
                             To know 
                             Who am I? 

4th year, 1st semester