Last year I went to my village for passing the holidays. I was walking beside my primary school and I was watching the school boys and girls who were entering the school. I became nostalgic to see the moment. I recalled my childhood and primary life that I have passed.

At that time, we had no idea about the hardships of life and we would enjoy our school. Whenever we had in vacation we would go to Nanu Bari (Mother’s hometown) to pass my vacation. I was born at a village. It was an evergreen place where I passed my childhood. I was free at my village for playing games with friends and would do competition with friends for being first at class. After completing my school life, I came to city for being admitted to college and I have found a huge difference between city and village life. Though I got friends and places for passing time, I did not get back my time that I have already passed.

I was a student of primary school. I used to wear half-pant and sky-blue shirt as a dress code for school. It would attract me because in that case I knew the dress helps to recognize me as a student of school. I heard this from my beloved teacher. I cannot express the very first day of my primary school. I made thousands of memories at school such as, making first friends, first competition with friends and so on. I can still remember that I got the chance to stand on the
stage to give speech about liberation war of Bangladesh. That was the very first day of my life on stage, where I gave a speech in front of an audience and people were listening to my speech. I won first price for the competition. It made me eager to deliver more speech on stage onwards.

The school life is the very first stage of life to make friendship with unknown persons. When we did not know anything about friendship, we made friends at school. I had a number of friends at school but I cannot write about them because they belong in my heart and expressing about them on paper would be impossible. In school we were carefree except during exams. We would lie about homework, for absence without reason, fleeing the school walls, as well as ringed by pen on friend’s shirt. Everything made our school life enjoyable. We could dream different types of dreams though we did not know dreams could change over time. Once upon a time I thought that school life could be great without some of teachers because they would beat us up by canes but after the end of school life we realized that they did so to reform us. Now I really miss my teachers who played vital roles in my school period.

School life is enjoyable but after passing the school life it feels very sad to recollect those memories. Sometimes, it brings tears in my eyes. In the mean time, I lost a few unconditional friends with whom I spent my school life. Now I am at the university. I know that time will never put me back at school life again. The mind wants to go back to that school life again. I want to meet my friends again in the adolescence age. I want to do all sorts of mischief along with my friends once again. I want to meet my teachers who taught me good lessons to be a good human. Over time everything has changed like our age, thoughts, dreams, and institutions. Some of my friends are seeking job, a few of my friends have shifted to different places for study and some friends abandoned study in the middle, a few even have sadly passed away. Yet, memories flow in the heart. The flow of time does not give chance to get back at childhood as what goes away becomes memories.

1st year 2nd semester