Once upon a time there was a perfectly good, happy, young kid. He always listened to his mother, did his homework in time, respected elders and ate all his meals properly. He used to go to play with his friends in the afternoon and would come back at the evening. He was happy with his life and everyone was happy with him. He loved playing outside with friends but he equally enjoyed his time alone at home. Often, he would play with his favorite toys. Breaking them was
fun as well. Apart from this, he also enjoyed playing with the ants. Sometimes, he would put a small piece of biscuit in front of them just to tease them. Once they moved towards the piece he would immediately take it away from them. Their confused movements were a treat to watch. At times, he would put a jar on top of them and make them his prisoners. Then he could do whatever he wanted with those puny insects. Sometimes, he would smash a few with his bare hands just for the sake of it. He felt like a God in comparison to those tiny creatures.

Mum would of course, say a few things like, “Don’t do this, Abbu. That’s wrong. You are killing them.” She would at times try to scare him by saying that he was being a bad boy and some sort of monstrous creature would come and haunt him if he wasn’t being a good boy again.

But who listens to mum anyway?     

Then, one day at night, he saw something that frightened him to the core of his heart. He saw some monstrous beast lurking in the mirror of his room. He tried to scream at the top of his voice but no sound came out. Finally he could manage enough strength to shout out loud for help. His parents came running and the horrible figure vanished. But, that was not the end of it. He saw the figure again the next day and then again and again. Each day he grew more and more scared. Then one day he discovered something. He found out that the shadowy, monstrous figure that he was so afraid of was in fact his own reflection in the mirror created from the moon light coming through the window while there was no light in the room.

Now that he realized that the shadowy monstrous creature was no one but he himself, he was finally relieved.

OR, was he?