Education is one of the fundamental sources from which people acquire the knowledge and skills they require to sustain a prosperous life. A convenient institution is absolutely necessary for a student to carry out his/her further education. Even I had a dream of getting enrolled into a university which will recognize my talent and give me an opportunity to flourish them. Fortunately, I found an institution which resembles my dream university.

Currently, I am studying at the University of Asia Pacific which was established in 1996 as a private university, which now has eight departments in total. It provides a safe environment along with great education and an incredible experience. The university has excellent programs for students to pursue a degree in. The teachers possess superior teaching skills and have the ability to build a caring relationship with students. Generally, teachers are the single most important factor in creating an effective and inclusive classroom. Also, getting involved with extracurricular activities at this university is a great way to learn something new and be involved in the dynamic student community. The university has various clubs like debating club, cultural club, sports club, literary club, film club and many more which are worthwhile to join. So students can demonstrate their talent in each field and participate in several competitions. In my opinion, students should participate in extracurricular activities at this stage. This is because once you get a job you will have much less free time to enjoy.

Our enormous campus contains a central library, lecture halls, a sports room, park-like settings and a subsurface auditorium. Libraries are the nucleus of a university. The library is filled with social and intellectual activity, and is truly the center of learning. Also, seeing other students hard at work is inspiring. In addition, students see the library as a social hub. Study groups can meet here, where they can freely discuss about exams or upcoming projects. The university follows a systematic process that will help the students to make a plan, in order to shape their future. The courses are organized in a way that the students can comprehend them, simply by listening to lectures or reading assigned texts. Academic programs are conducted on semester basis which includes two semesters per year. Besides, the university provides financial assistance to the laudable students. Students are also placed in VC’s Award List and Dean’s Award List for their outstanding academic performance in a particular semester.

In conclusion, this university has all the qualities that I require to continue my higher education. Education can bring a change in someone’s future. So it is important to get enrolled in an institution which will fulfill all the demands and provide someone with a good standard of learning. Just like my dream university!

2nd year 1st semester