Five students of the Department of English, University of Asia Pacific participated in the AUAP – Ubaya online summer program from February 01 to February 05, 2021. The Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) in cooperation with Surabaya University, Indonesia organized the event. The title of the program was “Dealing with the Covid 19 Pandemic: Best Practices from Indonesia”.

Kazi Iqramul Hussain, Nafisa Anjum Athoy, Monimul Hossain Abir, Maisha Rahman Meem and Abid Hossain Hridoy from the Department of English participated in the event. Ms. Afroza Aziz Suchana, Assistant Professor of the Department of English and Advisor of the English Language Club coordinated the participation of the students of the University of Asia Pacific.

The program was delivered online in a serious but fun manner. The objective of the event was to raise awareness among the Asian students about COVID 19 vaccine and immunity. It also focused on the struggling period for Indonesia due to the outbreak of COVID 19. Thousands of people lost their jobs during lock down. Indonesian tourism industry has been massively affected by the spread of coronavirus. The speakers in different sessions acknowledged the role of digitalization to overcome the challenges. They mentioned digital transformation as a directive to carry out public service administration and business communication.

The program also included virtual tours of Indonesia tourism sites and the Ubaya campus. All the participants of the University of Asia Pacific enjoyed the program. One of the participants Maisha Rahman Meem mentioned, ‘during the pandemic, it’s unimaginable to travel like before. This virtual summer program enabled us to stay connected with the Asian nations’. The online platform allowed the students to have a comprehensive view of the ongoing global crisis.