Owabil Islam Sakib
1st Year, 2nd Semester

Morning starts with the news of new deaths,

Bedridden patients are counting their final breaths.

Covid is rolling all over the earth,

An unfortunate baby lost his father before his birth.

Today India’s air is heavy with tears,

This grief of loss is difficult to bear.

People are rushing for oxygen every where,

It’s like an incredible life-saving game.

Today the housewife who lost her husband is alone,

The mother broke down in tears at the loss of her son.

The memories of the late brother still make a sister cry,

After losing her father a daughter’s eyes are almost dry.

Lockdown is going on, no one can go out,

Street dogs have not eaten for three days.

Maybe they died, I can’t hear their shout.

A difficult time, valueless life, and no ways.

Unemployment is rising, no worker can go to work,

They are hungry, financially they are in the dark.

Students can’t go to school with bags on their shoulders,

Doctors are risking their lives, they are our real soldiers.

We’ll see that beautiful morning again,

Where there will be no death, tears, and pain.

The birds will sing, the wind will blow,

This disease of the world will totally go.

Let’s be aware, stay at home for a few days,

The sun will shine with glittering rays.

Peace in world will again flow from east to west,

Together we will win Corona, let’s try our best.