Raisa Mahim Kona
1st Year 2nd Semester

Graveyard is a place to mourn,

If we can feel

Graveyard is the place

Where we’ll all end up one-day,

If we can see

It’s a place to cry,

A place to find peace in

Ourselves, know ourselves

It’s a place where at last we all are going to be

We started from the ashes

And we’ll end up being ashes

But only if we can face it.

Get the real purpose of life

If we can think of it,

That thought can change

Everything and anything for us.

It’s not the difference

We make only for ourselves

It’s the difference

We make for the people around us.

But only if we get it straight,

Only if we believe in it,

Because the door of death

Will be open one day

And no one can stop it.

Death will stare at us in the eyes

And no one will stop it.

This is how the worldly life is

Going to end for us

And graveyard is the place

Where we’ll be at last.