By Tasneem Mahmood
4th Year, 2nd Semester

I worshipped You, looked after Your shrine
Maintained my chastity and sacrificed all that was mine.
I’d be your champion in every single arena,
Hailed thee virgin warrior, who’s none but Athena.

I was wronged by the Sea, abused and broken
I called for help but none had spoken.
You descended to the temple and found me wretched
Turning a blind eye to Poseidon; You punished me instead.

You blamed my hair and all I was gifted
Turned me into a monster and then all gaze shifted.

Today they say, I turn people to stone with my stare,
But where were they when the temple trembled with my despair?
Snakes and hisses, along with a look that disable all organs
For I am Medusa, the strongest of the Gorgons.