Samiha Hussain Orpa
1st year 2nd Semester

When it comes to great politicians in this day and age, two names come to my mind – first, Justin Trudeau and second, Jacinda Ardern. Both are tremendous in their own way and they are ruling our hearts by their astounding leadership.

But right now my focus is on a young world leader, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. She came this far because of her outstanding performance as a great politician. She stood with the people when a terrorist attacked two Masjids and is the woman who made her country Covid free in only seven weeks.

Apart from that, Jacinda Ardern is also playing the role of a mother. She is the second head of state in history who has governed the country while being a mother. She came back to work within six weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

She is just an example. Just like her, there are so many women who are handling family, children and work at the same time. They face many challenges, scorn and the mockery of society. Every step is an arduous task and it’s not even anything new to them – just part of their daily routine. Taking care of all family members, raising children, working outside all day long, and then finding time for themselves (which is not possible always) is not a small thing.

But women manage. They manage everything with a smiling happy face no matter what the situation.