Usfy Moni

ID no: 20116060

After 671 days

Students arrive at the favorite campus again.

A smile of joy on everyone’s face,

Many leave the family in a bad mood

But after a long wait, come back to my favorite campus.

Someone likes to talk to friends

Another group is taking pictures,

Suddenly someone’s voice comes out.

Busy getting acquainted with seniors, juniors

Freshers are looking around at the campus.

Mid- term examination is over.

The campus is decorated in different colors;

The BBA department conducts ‘Rang Boron Utsav’

Architects create works of art

It is as if a flock of birds broke out of the cage.

The English Department oversees ‘Pre Boishakh and Henna Fest’

Civil and CSE arrange big fests with concerts

EEE guides ‘Sari and Punjabi Fest’

For the first time, UAP Film Club organizes ‘Flash Mob’

It is as though the campus returned to its former glory.