Rufaida Rahman

ID no: 21216081

It is the month of December. A frigid Friday morning. The mist is floating like smoke and everything seems obscure outside. Neverthless, Abdul woke up early, and got prepared to go to the town to purchase some items needed for his business. He had a small stall of clothes which didn’t have enough to sell. He’s much distressed about this. If it doesn’t go well, how he’ll maintain his family, and marry off his one and only daughter. Thinking about that he departed for the town.

His daughter Asma is adored for her beauty and kindness. She’s a girl of excellence and charm. She’s always cheerful and full of life. However today she’s not feeling herself. She’s standing in front of the mirror, there were droplets of tears in her eyes and cheeks. She’s crying because she cannot endure his father’s sorrow anymore. Although Abdul hides everything from his family, Asma can tell by her father’s face that something is not going right. Now she wipes her tears and looks at herself in the mirror. At once she thought how would be her man. Will he love her? Will he protect her the way her father does?

After finishing his work in town, Abdul was sitting in the platform waiting for the train to come. He’s a little bit hungry too. Suddenly he saw a young man with a long beard and a luminous face. The man was in a religious attire and seemed to be a pious fellow. He came and sat with Abdul on the bench. The man greeted him with a salaam. Somehow Abdul got fascinated by the stranger’s behavior and attire and began to ask him his whereabouts. The man was replying to all his questions. They were spending a nice time chatting with each other. While chatting Abdul came to know his name was Karim, his mother died at his young age and he lived with his paralyzed father. Abdul also realized that Karim was a wise and an educated man as well as belonged to an elite family. At some point Abdul asked him why he’d come to the town. Karim replied that his father wants him to get married soon, for that purpose he’s come to his uncle’s house to see a girl to marry. But he didn’t like the girl for some reasons and that’s why he was heading back to his village. He also added that he didn’t want anything in dowry; he just wanted a girl with great virtue, Abdul got thrilled by hearing this and thought instantly that he’d found the perfect boy for his beloved daughter. He proposed Karim right away to marry Asma and told Karim that Asma had all the qualities that Karim requires. Hearing that Karim promised Abdul that he’d go to his village the next week. At that time the train arrived and Abdul left for his village.

One week later Karim arrived at Asma’s village. He managed to find their house. Abdul got so emotional after seeing Karim that he butchered one of his goats and arranged a feast for him. After seeing Asma, Karim discovered that he’d never seen such a beautiful girl in his lifetime. From Asma’s perspective, as her father had chosen this man for her then he must be a good fellow and there’s nothing to dislike in Karim. Overwhelmed by Asma’s beauty and behavior, Karim decided to marry Asma on that day and he shared his thoughts to Abdul. He got so happy after hearing this and married them off that day with Asma’s approval. After finishing all the formalities Karim gave Asma a ring with an expensive stone on it which he wore all the time. Although Abdul was so happy, he was sad and emotional at the same time as his one and only daughter was going far away from him. Asma was crying thinking how would she live without her father. All of a sudden Karim proposed them as everything happened so quickly, it would be better for Asma if they lived there for some days. Abdul happily agreed to this as he was getting more time with his daughter. After that Karim started living here. Abdul started to entertain his so- in-law with not only rich foods by selling two of his lands. He made his daughter gold jewelries and bought her other necessaries. He didn’t forget to gift Karim clothes and many valuable goods, too. Karim also took a good care of Asma. He loved her and cared for her. Asma also felt blessed to have a husband like him as if all of her prayers had come true.

A few days passed. One morning Karim told Asma that they should head back to their home. He also added that he would go first with some stuff so that he could furnish his house pleasantly before Asma’s arrival. Asma agreed with him. While departing Karim took almost all of his and Asma’s stuffs, jewelries as well as the ring that he gave to Asma the day of their marriage, saying that he would fix the ring in the shape of Asma’s finger. However, Abdul didn’t agree with Karim that time so he decided to go to Karim’s village with him. Karim hesitated first but afterwards he agreed with his father-in-law. Thus, the next day they reached at the station. They got into the train with their belongings. When the train started and it was about to leave the platform, Karim took Abdul in front of the door and pushed him so hard that he fell directly on the platform. Abdul didn’t get the time to understand what happened to him as he was in a great shock, all he was would do was to think about Asma. How would he tell Asma that Karim was a crooked man? He’s blaming himself thinking that he was responsible for this mischief. He should have been more careful about it.

Asma became stiff. She didn’t smile, didn’t talk much. She thought of killing herself every time. She was surviving just because of her soon to be born child. Abdul was getting weaker day by day. He looked for Karim for four months but couldn’t even find him in the location that he told them. Now he lost his hope. He was thinking what would happen to Asma when he dies. A few days later Abdul died. After that the pathetic chapter of Asma’s life started. One of her relatives married her off with a mad man, who used to beat her every now and then. One night Asma was sleeping in her bed. After a while the man came to the room and started beating her without any reason. Before she got to know what was happening with her, the man kicked on her belly so hard that she immediately started bleeding. And that time she was seven months pregnant. She was groaning in pain but nobody came to help her. That’s how the life of a cheerful girl came to an end.