Mahmud Hasan
ID no:16216021

Translated from ‘প্রস্থান’ by Helal Hafiz

Where and how are you now? Send me a letter.
In an afternoon undecided Talpakha bought from the fair,
How is that in your hand in the very night? Send me letter.
Which page of calendar stares at you
With full grown injured eyes like me, send me a letter.
Which speech is ringing always in your heart’s ear,
Which memory allures you to float in the flood of love
Send me a letter, send me a letter.

Or you can forget all, no objection there;
If it is lost, it’s from me who cares?
Isn’t me who affectionately went wrong and
Did mistake smearing with farina of rotten flower,
Also killed the silence of five noons, what does it matter?

How much ruined will I be in one life?
How much pain will one woman give me?