Tahmina Akter                  

ID no: 21216078

Suddenly Lora woke up from sleep. She remained on the bed for a moment. Then she went to the washroom and returned with a wet towel in her hand. She wiped her face with it slowly, in the meantime, she heard mother calling her out. She went to her and then she showed Lora a letter. It was from the publisher of her late father. In the letter the publisher expressed his regret for not publishing the last writing of her father. She became upset and at once she made a phone call to the publisher. She asked him about the decision that he had taken. He told her that the ending of her father’s writing was missing. They worked on the half of the story but the rest of the story was not in the script. For this reason, they were unable to publish the book of her father. Lora took a deep breath and then requested the publisher to give her two days to find out the scripts. Mr. Pitterson was indeed a good writer and to show respect to his departed soul the publisher agreed to give her time. She quickly ran to her mother and asked her to give her the keys to her father’s study room. With a painful heart her mother gave Lora the keys. She unlocked the door and went inside. After a few minutes she started reaching for the scripts. But all on a sudden she stopped searching and sat down quietly on the couch. She tried to remember something. Then she stood up and went to the desk of her father. She lit the table lamp and saw that the light of the lamp was not bright, rather it was dim. She looked inside the lamp. There she saw some sheets of paper sticking to the cover of the lamp. She took all the pages out of the cover and put them on the table. These pages were nothing but the last part of her father’s writing. At once she took them to the publisher’s office. The publisher took a glance at the papers and realized that they were the last part of his writing. The editor was surprised. He asked her how she had found them as her father handed over the full script to them. Then Lora told him that he was mistaken. Her father never handed him the full script as he was working on it till the very night he got the heart attack. The publisher asked Lora how she knew that. Lora informed him that she saw him writing in his study room and he talked a little bit about the story. After hearing this he again asked her how she found out the rest of the writing. This time her answer was quiet surprising. She told him that last night she had a weird dream. She saw her father working at his desk. He was smiling at the time of writing. In her dream her father told her to heat the papers for no good reason. Lora took the papers and put them on the lamp. Seeing this, her father got angry and tore the papers into hundred pieces. Lora felt sad and rushed out from her father’s study room. Listening to Lora’s dream the publisher got confused and further asked her how this dream helped her. She told him that her father used to drink a lot of water. That night he dropped a glass of water on the table and all his sheets got wet. He asked for some rags from her mother. As it was getting late, she went to bed and couldn’t help him in the situation and the next morning they heard the shocking news of her father. However, when the publisher informed her and her mother about the lost scripts, Lora was definite that the script was not lost, rather it was somewhere in the house. In the study room she remembered her dream and found the writing. As they got wet, her father kept them inside the cover of the lamp so that they could get dry by the heat of the bulb. But for his bad health condition he couldn’t say anything to anybody. The dream that made her upset in the morning made her happy again at night as it helped her to find the scripts. It was indeed a dream come true because her dream made her father’s dream of publishing the book true and finally Lora and her mother could see the last writing of Mr. Pitterson in the white pages of the book called ‘DREAM’.