Nurul Ahad
Lecturer, Department of English

Life becomes a witness
to a thousand follies, maladies, and injustices
so often dressed as terms and conditions of the public life,
but sometimes, he says, with a little hunchback
trying to reach for his coffee mug,
it becomes a search for half-baked pleasures
a peace-keeping mission with our
marauding thoughts –
we are consumed by Nietzschean Will
to Power or perhaps to love, one way or another –
I keep looking at his carved furrows
tracing his mellow words,
he continues, deep texture in his voice –
love is when attention overcomes all knowledge,
empty howling to what makes us different
or to our little unknown judgments
waiting to be walls between us,
or a precipice ridged along uncertainty and fear,
nothing belongs to us, he laments –
Jack Sparrow is not Johnny Depp’s
as the air we breathe, repetition
of what we already heard and know by heart
we once told someone many years ago
we say again, for sameness becomes newness
for life morphs into scintilla of a thought
someone once experienced in its fullness
but sighed out at last –
he slowly rests his mug on the table
making himself comfortable in the chair –
I look for him, luster of life crumbles
off his body like palimpsest of old manuscripts,
Rooted yet volatile –
but I venture to ask,
who are you?
so familiar without a face,
like a moment shading into life!