Sanjida Yesmin Monisha

ID no: 21216029

For the first time in her life, Ana wept out in the middle of the night. Oh, how heartbroken she was! How hollow she felt inside! She had never known despair because she was a much-cherished daughter in her family. It’s not that she hasn’t felt pain in the past, but this time is different.

Her old phone gave her a massage the next morning as she was relaxing. “Grandma is no more, so I came to Sylhet, how are you doing? Is everything okay there?” Ana gripped her phone to her chest, puzzled as to why she was upset after he left. She began contacting him since she had been feeling like she was going to die for the past couple of days without him.

Anvir, on the other hand, was a lot older than Ana was. Anvir demanded that they chat after the third month of their acquaintance, occasionally over the phone, but Ana, who grew up among girls, was shy and always reluctant to speak. During his lunch break at work, the man broke the ice and called her. They talked for twenty minutes, and she felt completely at ease.

As time passed, her friends began to distrust her as well, as her expectations grew. She and the man stayed up late talking about their lives and what they expected from each other while watching the sun rise. One day, Ana approached him hesitantly, with that million-dollar question, the one that made her feel like a butterfly struggling to get out of her stomach; “Do you love me?” 

“I’m not sure,” he admitted. “But, I’d like to learn more about you.”

Ana began to feel madly in love, but she became enraged when her brother Ravi told her that he did not love her the way she did. She texted Anvir, inquiring about his feelings for her. Anvir still said that he didn’t know, but that he wanted to learn more about her. She fell asleep.

Anvir approached her one day and requested if he might walk around the TSC with her hand in his. She answered yes, thinking she could do it for the rest of her life. They walked, laughed, and talked. They looked at each other. Anvir, all of a sudden, told her that no one wants them together, but he can’t live without her. Ana smiled and drifted off to sleep. She couldn’t find her phone the next morning, and no one could tell her where it was. She became enraged and began breaking glasses while crying aloud. Suddenly, she lost her senses and landed on the ground.

Our little Ana has grown up to be a 22-year-old lady.  Shorifa Begom, her mother, called to see how she was doing. She had to say that everything was OK. Her mother didn’t know if she still had the difficulty because she lived so far away. Shorifa Begom phoned her trusted doctor and told him all that had happened. She stated that if Anvir was still alive, the situation would be far more perilous. But, Anvir had a plan.

The next day, Ana’s mother called her as soon as she reached Dhaka. Shorifa Begom drove her to TSC, where Ana seemed strangely pleased. Mother let Ana sit somewhere and told her to wait. When Shorifa Begom arrived with the doctor, she noticed her daughter laughing and talking to someone, and it appeared that she was holding someone’s hand, but nobody was there.  

“You know what? She is still clinging to her love!” – The doctor said as he reached for a handkerchief.