Julkifal Rahman

ID no: 21216097

After walking for about half an hour, Tanim found a crowded bus. Seeing the delay and thinking there was no way, he somehow hung on the door of the bus. If it was another day, maybe it would have been very annoying for Tanim, but today Tanim is upset because today is the last day of the fest preparation.

Fest work has been going on for the last 7 days. He had to spend twenty-four hours here day and night. Tanim is feeling empty when he thinks that there will be no more fest work from tomorrow. He didn’t expect to get such a big responsibility before his varsity life started. Tanim still wonders how a whole fest ended in the blink of an eye. How many seniors and how many batchmates have become friends in just a few days! He Never felt so much accepted. Tanim’s eyes are twinkling at the thought. Suddenly the bus braked and a drop of tear fell on the road due to a slight jolt. Tanim whispered ; “Let it be a memory of the beginning or the end of the road or the moments.” Tanim got off the bus. His legs were shaking. He started walking towards the varsity and remembering the days he passed doing the preparations for the fest.

He still remembers the day when he got the notice of volunteer search. He immediately enrolled his name without even thinking twice. Tanim was always into artistic things- he loves to do decorations and event managements. As he has done this work before, he was so excited when he got the opportunity to be in charge of the event. He was on Cloud Nine. After he started working, at some moments he did not feel that everything was going as planned, but he did not give up and found a way to make trash work like success. And the end result was tremendous. Tanim replays those moments every time in his mind and thinks how they made something that seemed almost impossible so beautifully possible! Tanim is already in front of the varsity. He does not want to enter through the gate. His chest is throbbing at the thought that today is the last day of the fest. Tanim was shocked by the sudden call of his friends. He looked back and wondered how beautiful they were looking in sari and panjabi. He had a sudden thought about what happened, that this is the last hour, and it is going to pass! Everything will happen again next year. His friend grabbed Tanim’s hand and dragged him into the varsity . He kept whispering, “Everything will happen again; Everything will happen again…”