Owabil Islam Sakib
ID no: 20116050

I want a magic city,
A city of my choice.
In a city where there is no sound of the gun,
Where every morning begins with fun.

There will be no reason to quarrel,
The rich and the poor will all be equal.
Where you can hear the chirping of birds,
Every sound of birds will be new words.

Where the sound of car engines cannot be heard,
There will be horses in everyone’s yard.
There will be no lamp posts, no colorful lights at night,
Candlelight will make every building beautiful and bright.

My city will be free from sorrow, pride, and anger,
We all together will fight against the possible danger.
There will be no greed for property in my city,
All will share the values of equality, fraternity, and liberty.

My city will be the city of lovers,
Trees will protect the lovers with their shade covers.
Everyone in my city will be beautiful,
Human behavior will be innocent and playful.