Syeda Sadia Maisha
ID No: 18116005

To some, we can only be cruel
In ways that are intimate,
Deviously intricate-
We walk away and they let us
We abandon ourselves
And they wait.

To some, you can only be cruel
Naked in all your darkness,
Blessed by their presence,
Enraged by their softness,
Driven mad by their presence.

But dearest,
Has no one ever held you-?
Has no one ever told you?

Love – is to surrender.
Love – is acceptance.
Love does not cower
In the face of inconvenience
It does not abandon
And it does not fade
It shines on its light
It always chooses to stay.

Oh what a terrible thing to say,
What a terrible fate that befell-
To Love,
Some can only be cruel.