Sumaiya Binth Alam
ID no: 20116016

“They say you become stupid and out of sense when you fall in love”,

He was laughing at me while I was saying this to him,

“You are already a stupid, how can you be more stupid than now?” he said,

I screamed near his ear, gave him a hilarious look,

And tried to punch his face.

While doing mischiefs with him, I looked at his sparkling eyes and it felt like,

An empty Ocean trying to comfort me for no reason.

His null glances looked like he was in a desert full of despair, looking for hope,

But he had a celestial smile on his face each time I was with him,

Maybe he liked my company or maybe he was already in love with me.

“Don’t be ridiculous, you just said love makes people stupid”, he was blushing.

You’ve been reading my mind for the whole time, that’s insane, I shouted!

“So tell me that you love me too, please, I wanna be stupid for once”, he requested.

Ha-ha! I won’t tell, you already know.

“Say it for once”, he begged.

He knew that I loved him but he wanted to hear it,

From me for the very first time.

Stop irritating me for now, said I, and tried to punch him again, but all of a sudden,

He vanished.

I woke up crying aloud,

He left me all alone two years ago.

Whenever I was lost in thoughts, it was him who comforted me,

Each time even in my dreams.

I needed to tell him that I was always in love with him and,

Give him a chance to become stupid for once in life.

Damn! I wish I would just tell him how much I loved him,

How much I admired his presence!

I wish he was alive, oh I wish!!!